Collection of fine art reproductions

These fine art paintings are from an estate fine.

I am not an art expert but I have been told these original artworks signed Picasso and Chagall were painted & exquisiadle framed at the New York Metropolian Museum of Art in the early 1970s.

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The Miro has been sold.



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Pair of Vintage Quoizel Tiffany Polished Flem Satin Lace Gold & White Table Lamps – SOLD

Manufacturer’s Description: Quoizel got its start in 1930 by creating these hurricane style lamps. Today, Quoizel still makes this timeless design. This piece features a blown glass shade, as well as a lighted base. The clear and frosted glass is embellished with a soft white floral pattern, and the intricate metal base is finished in a lusterous French gold. This is an heirloom piece to be passed down for generations.
New versions of this lamp cost more than $700 EACH and this pair, back in 1977, was nearly $500 EACH in 1977 dollars.
Perfect for that antique Victorian or neo-classical decor.
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Antique Clam Shell Whiskey Flask, Very Rare Bottle, 19th Century – SOLD

Here is a beautiful Foust Distillery clam shell flask. Made of pressed glass, the condition is excellent, no cracks, breaks, or the usual wear one would expect on an item of this vintage.

The cap screws on and off with ease.
Foust Distillery was located in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania and made what they called Pennsylvania Whiskey, which was popular before Kentucky Bourbon. Foust was one of the last distilleries to produce Pennsylvania Whiskey which was considered America’s first great whiskey. Foust Distillery was established in 1858 and closed in 1907.

Approximately 6″ high and fits well in the hand.

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1955-1956 Civil Rights pin, Martin Luther King – SOLD

1955-1956 Beginnings of Civil Rights Movement pin, Martin Luther King, Black Memorabilia

THIS PIN IS AN ESTATE FIND. We have been told that one just like it is in the Civil Rights museum in Memphis but we have not been able to substantiate that. We would appreciate any information bidders may have on this wonderful old pinback pin evoking an important time in American history and a very important American political and moral leader.

On Dec. 1, 1955, Rosa Parks refuses to give her seat to a white passenger on a bus in Montgomery, Ala., sparking the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

On Dec. 5, the Montgomery Improvement Association is established by a group of local Baptist ministers. The organization elects the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., pastor of Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, president. In this role, King would lead the boycott. We have been told that this rare Civil Rights Movement memorabilia item was created in late 1955 and used to early 1956 in the December election of Dr. Martin Luther King to his first position as a civil rights leader as the head of the newly formed Montgomery Bus Boycott.

In January and February, 1956, whites angry about the Montgomery Bus Boycott bomb four African-American churches and the homes of civil rights leaders King, Ralph Abernathy, and E.D. Nixon.

Dr. King would continue to lead the Civil Rights Movement with his belief in non-violent civil disobedience with great success despite the sacrifices he and others made in the name of Love, Peace and Justice.

Excellent condition. Clear lucite lens over metal. Excellent photo of young Dr. King. Clasp is probably newer but works. See first two photos of the pin for further information.

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Antique Burmese Mandalay style Chinthe sculpture, possibly antiquity

This is an estate find, in a house full of antiquities & antiques that were well taken care of, and we believe the piece came from a temple in Burma a very long time ago as such antiques or antiquities have been unavailable from that country for a long, long time.. We believe this Chinthe, as we were told it is known by, was sculpted, not cast nor a hollow ceramic. It is solid and heavy. The sculpture is in very good condition for an object of this age and made of this material. It shows the normal wear, scuffing, scratches, minor dents expected on a piece of this vintage. It has some parts loss but from a long time ago. There is an old repair on the top of the piece that is unnoticeable.  Please refer to the photos for more information on condition. 

Original & rare, and very old. It may qualify as an “antiquity”. We do not know as we are not experts on dating Asian art.
It is a stunning unique piece! 
A Chinthe is a leogryph (lion-like creature) that is often seen at the entrances of pagodas and temples in Burma and other South and Southeast Asian countries. The chinthe is featured prominently on the kyat (the currency of Burma) and the Sri Lankan rupee. The chinthe is almost always depicted in pairs, and serve to protect the pagoda. They typically appear as animals, but are sometimes found with human faces.
Size L 11″ by H 18″ by W 7″
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Large Antique Copper Weathervane w/ Directionals, Authentic Folk Art, SOLD

Estate Find. New to the Market.  A full copper body of classic form with wonderfully delineated lines. It was always functional until put away in a store room and forgotten in an old country house in New York State.  Now it is a piece of American Folk Art new to the market.  Running Deer with Arrow.  Sold as found, as is.  Farm fresh.  Full body, copper sheeting, brass directionals, cast iron rod.  Hand hammered and soldered copper 3 dimensional figure.  It is rare to find a weathervane with its original directionals or pointing arrow.  Excellent condition for a piece of this vintage.  Shows the expected wear and authentic patination of an item that was on a roof for many years.  Has not been cleaned or polished. Iron rod is heavily rusted which can be left as is, cleaned or replaced as you wish with a mounting or stand.   Rod separates into two pieces for storage or transport.  Measures 72 inches high & 31 inches wide (see photo with green yardstick ruler to judge size) and weighs approximately 40 lbs. See all photos for more information.   With a little professional conservancy, this American weathervane will be a masterpiece.

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Comic Strip Art, Scuba, Original 1963, Sam Leff & Al McWilliams “Davy Jones” – SOLD





A tense underwater rescue is the subject of these FOUR daily, drawn with panache by Alden McWilliams with a story by Sam Leff. These three consecutive dailies from 1963 showcase McWilliams clean, crisp lines and deft storytelling. They are created in ink and Zipatone over graphite on Bristol board with an image area of 19.25″ x 5″. Each mounting is 9″ x 23 ¼”  One of the plexiglass covers is broken but the comic strip is in Excellent condition as are the other three.  You can replace the plexiglass on the one or remount all four comic strips together.  We leave that up to you.


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Antique Chinese Rare Black Jade Sash Buckle, late Qing dynasty – SOLD

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Jade Belt Buckle, China, late 19th/early 20th century, traditional form, hand carved with a sinuous chilong, stone of black nephrite jade with several small pyrite inclusions and a pale opaque white inclusion near the left nostril of the dragon head.  A second figure appears to be riding the chilong.  We are not sure what the second figure depicts.

In excellent condition with a dusty interior to the carving typical of objects of this vintage.  We have not attempted to clean the piece.

This is an estate find and was in the hands of one family who used it as a paperweight since the 1930s.   .

Back nephrite is said to be a protective stone and may help protection from negativity of others, anger, aggression, and some believe that Black Jade will also not only protect on a physical level but that on a spiritual level too.

It is also considered to help inward looking and to maybe dispel negative energy that one themselves may give out, may help with honest self-evaluation.

Black Nephrite, also rare, carries all nephrite qualitites but is also grounding.  It helps one keep one’s head and protects against false friends.


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Large 17 ½” Brass, Iron and Wood Model Cannon – SOLD


This model of an 18th century Spanish cannon, “El Tigre” type was primarily used as a fortress gun though some ships of the line were sturdy enough to employ them. The steps in the carriage were used to adjust the angle of fire. An impressive 17.5 inches in length, this beautiful reproduction is truly a remarkable display for your home or office. Features an ornately designed 17 inch metal barrel with antique brass patina finish and metal furniture.  Barrel angle may be adjusted by rear height selection gear.  Furniture locks may be unhocked and barrel can be removed.  Excellent condition with minor wear as you would expect on a vintage item.  This is an estate find.  See photos for more information.

Measures: 17.5″x7″x9″

Weighs: 7.3 pounds.


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2’ 3” x 6’ 9” Persian Tribal Hand Knotted Wool PINK, RED, WHITE, GREENS, BLUES RUNNER Rug – SOLD


Country of Origin                   Iran, Persia

Style, Design                           Persian Tribal, Geometric. 

Size (In)                                   27″ x 83″

Field Color                              Pink, Red, Blues, White, Greens, Yellows, Navy, Purple

Border Color                           White, Purple, Pink, Greens, Olive, Navy, Black

Condition                                Excellent, Needs a light cleaning. Tips of carpet fringe needs restoration to be perfect.  See photos for more information.

Pile                                           Wool

Foundation                              Cotton

Age                                           1970-1999

KPSI                                         See photos for count.

Weave                                      Hand Knotted Persian Tribal. We do not know tribe or place of origin.  We are not rug experts.  Label attached to rug has several stamped or written numbers with “M A M Made in Iran: imprinted. 

Estimated Retail Price           $1500



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