We Want Mid-Century Modern Furniture/Objects

The Long Island Pickers specialize in finding and selling vintage, Mid-Century furniture and accessories.

We continue to find great pieces and just can’t pass them up. So we decided we would continue our passion in seeking out these unique pieces and will now pass them on to other people who also love this era.

Our love for the mix of simplicity, functionality, and beauty that is found in the work of designers such as Charles and Ray Eames, Kai Kristiansen, Hans Wegner, George Nelson, Harry Bertoia, Poul Henningsen, and Richard Schultz has been a wonderful addition to our lives.

The pieces that we represent are all things we would use in our own home.  Each piece tells a story, from the history of the designer, it’s particular shape and design, to how and when it has been used.  And then there is what it means to you as the new owner. And for us, that is priceless.

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