We Pay Cash for Stuff

We Pay Top Dollar For:

Gold, Sterling Silver, Vintage Electronics, Vintage Cameras or Photographic Equipment, Antique or Vintage Jewelry, Book Sets, Antique Dolls, Antique Figurines, Cast Iron, Old Clocks or Watches, Antique or Vintage Radios, Vintage or collectible Art, Old Tools, Old Fountain Pens, Antique Toys, Advertising Memorabillia, Glassware, Old Fishing Lures, or Fishing Rods, Items of Historical Importance, Even new items such as Ipods, Video game systems, Laptops, Musical Instruments, etc.

If you have a quality item please call today!


2 Responses to We Pay Cash for Stuff

  1. Sandra says:

    I hi my name is Sandra I have a 55 inch TV insignia for sale best offeryou could contact me 631-352-6957location lake grove ny

  2. Michelle wadsworth says:

    Have many 45s with sleeves 7 beatles 100 78s 1930 to 1960s. And other misc items

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