We Buy Chinese Antiques


Our primary interest is early 20th Century porcelains and metalwork.

But we are also interested in antique and vintage:

Chinese Terracottas
· Neolithic to Han
· Jin, Wei, Tang
· 5 Dynasties, Song, Yuan, Ming

Chinese Porcelains
· Song, Yuan, Ming
· Qing, Republic

Chinese Metalworks

Chinese Stones

Chinese Textiles

Chinese Woods

Thai Ceramics
· Kalong
· Phan & Wangnua
· Sankampaeng
· Sukhothai & Srisaschanalai

Thai Metalworks

Thai Stones

Thai Textiles

Thai Woods

Khmer Ceramics
· Pre-Angkor
· Angkor

Khmer Metalworks
· Pre-Angkor
· Angkor

Khmer Stones

Khmer Textiles

Khmer Woods


Burmese Ceramics

Burmese Metalworks

Burmese Stones
· Alabaster Stones
· Sand Stones

Burmese Textiles

Burmese Woods

Vietnamese Ceramics

  • Hoi An Wares

Vietnamese Metalworks

Vietnamese Stones

Vietnamese Textiles

Vietnamese Woods

Laos Ceramics

Laos Metalworks

Laos Stones

Laos Textiles

Laos Woods








To order an antique, collectible or vintage item we have picked for you, OR if you such an item for sale, email us at picksforsale@yahoo.com