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Antique Chinese Vases, Cased Pieces, cloisonne over glass filled w/ gold specs, a pair

Shown are a pair of beautifully proportioned pair of Chinese Cloisonne’ vases.  Probably made in Hong Kong in early to mid 20th Century.  Fine brass or copper wire cloisonne work with black and blue enamel enclosing glass profusely infused with gold specs with an overall ornate pattern. The motifs incorporated are a stylized butterfly, flowers and a vine or fern-like overall pattern.  The interior is blue enamel with a gold washed rim.  No stamp or marks. The vases are in excellent condition with no repairs, cracks, or chips, or missing enamel. Dimensions: 5″ dia. (shoulder) x 8-3/4”h.  With base, 10″ h.

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1)  You can now order the essential books you need as a collector or as an antique picker or dealer from the Learning Center.

2)  Announcing our new showcase for Vintage Guitars and Classical Vinyl Records we are offering online.  Either click on the Category to the right, or visit the new Long Island Platters & Axes.


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At the Learning Center we will also be presenting videos and information for Collectors to help them better understand what they collect, how to care for what they collect and what the market is for their collection or prized object.

This Learning Center is under construction, so check back often for new offerings to make you a better collector, picker or dealer in antiques and collectibles.

4.  An exciting new project we have launched is the world’s best directory of videos on antique collecting called Antiques Tube.  We will update this listing regularly, so that you have access to all the latest video offerings across the Internet on collecting antiques, art and collectibles.

5.  We especially invite you to visit our new directory and portfolio of advertisements on Long Island Antiques World.  This is the internet’s best guide to antiques and collectibles, and associated trades, on Long Island and the New York City Metropolitan Area.  Long Island Antiques World will always be growing, so check back often as you do here at Long Island Pickers.


From Montauk to Manhattan, from North Shore to South, this island is a treasure trove of antiques and cool picks.

Only 118 miles long and 20 miles wide, there are literally thousands of opportunities for the antiques enthusiast at every level of interest, be it classical furnishings or funky fifties decor.  We are surrounded by an incredible variety of shops, shows, flea markets, and fairs.  Not a day passes that you can not uncover a fabulous find!

Long Island Pickers wishes to share with you this Mecca of splendid stuff through the definitive guide to these treasures on Long Island Antiques World, the educational offerings on The Long Island Pickers’ Learning Center and the educational videos you can access from the Antiques Tube as well as the selection of our favorite picks offered here at http://www.Long-Island-Pickers.com.

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