Antique Chinese Rare Black Jade Sash Buckle, late Qing dynasty – SOLD

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Jade Belt Buckle, China, late 19th/early 20th century, traditional form, hand carved with a sinuous chilong, stone of black nephrite jade with several small pyrite inclusions and a pale opaque white inclusion near the left nostril of the dragon head.  A second figure appears to be riding the chilong.  We are not sure what the second figure depicts.

In excellent condition with a dusty interior to the carving typical of objects of this vintage.  We have not attempted to clean the piece.

This is an estate find and was in the hands of one family who used it as a paperweight since the 1930s.   .

Back nephrite is said to be a protective stone and may help protection from negativity of others, anger, aggression, and some believe that Black Jade will also not only protect on a physical level but that on a spiritual level too.

It is also considered to help inward looking and to maybe dispel negative energy that one themselves may give out, may help with honest self-evaluation.

Black Nephrite, also rare, carries all nephrite qualitites but is also grounding.  It helps one keep one’s head and protects against false friends.


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