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Illuminati-style esoteric ceramic masks, similar to the masks seen in Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut and similar to ones on the wall of Cibolo Creek Ranch in Presidio Co., Texas, where Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died among members of the U.S. chapter of the International Order of St. Hubertus, a knightly order or secret society, depending upon your view, of hunters to which the Justice belonged, a reported offshoot of the Illuminati and the Freemasons.

This was an estate find of a collector of many genres.  We believe it is old but it is impossible to determine how old.  Excellent condition.  No cracks, breaks or paint loss. We cannot verify its manufacture, provenance or use at any time in its existence.  But we finally found some images of similar masks.  We knew it was weird but we did not realize what it probably was till we saw similar weird masks and read about them in the press.  The story is amazing and involves secret societies, occult rituals and the death of a leader of our government.

Justice Scalia was hanging out at the ranch with a centuries-old mysterious society of international hunting enthusiasts when he died arousing suspicions in some of the press. Although there was no autopsy performed, most in the media say there is nothing to indicate the death was the result of anything other than natural causes.  But it is where he died and whom he was with that has raised the most interest.

Scalia was enjoying a quail-hunting trip when he died during the night on February 13. The Washington Post combed through public records and flight schedules and found that with Scalia on that trip were members of the International Order of St. Hubertus, a group that dresses in fanciful green robes and celebrates the sport of hunting in the tradition of their European forefathers.

We do not know what the masks, similar to the one up for bidding here, found on the walls of a room at the ranch were used for or represented.

The International Order of Saint Hubertus was founded in 1695 by Count Franz Anton von Sporck in what was then the Kingdom of Bohemia, then territory of the Habsburg Empire, now the modern Czech Republic.

The Order was a knightly order with an emphasis on hunting and activities related to the pursuit and management of game animals. In the Middle Ages and again with the revival of interest in the forms of chivalry in Europe, hunting was considered a basic preparation for warfare and was held among the highest activities a gentleman could pursue. In addition, Count von Sporck was also a prominent patron of music, having commissioned numerous Vivaldi operas and the four Bach minor Masses for performance at his private Opera House in Prague.  The Order counted among its original members Emperor Charles VI and many of the other noble families of the Holy Roman Empire.  After nearly 250 years of honorable existence, the Order was banned by Adolph Hitler for refusing to accept Nazis as members after the Anschluss joined Austria to Germany.

Members of the worldwide, male-only society wear dark-green robes emblazoned with a large cross and the motto “Deum Diligite Animalia Diligentes,” which means “Honoring God by honoring His creatures,” according to the group’s website. Some hold titles, such as Grand Master, Prior and Knight Grand Officer. The Order’s name is in honor of Hubert, the patron saint of hunters and fishermen.

The society’s U.S. chapter was launched in 1966 at the famous Bohemian Club in San Francisco, which is associated with the all-male Bohemian Grove — one of the most well-known secret societies in the country.

In the press, both societies have been associated with the Illuminati.  OOO!

Eyes Wide Shut is a 1999 erotic thriller film based on Arthur Schnitzler’s 1926 novella Traumnovelle (Dream Story) transferred from early 20th century Vienna to 1990s New York. The film was directed, produced, and co-written by Stanley Kubrick. It was his last film, as he died four days after showing his final cut to Warner Bros. studios. The story, set in and around New York City, follows the sexually charged adventures of Dr. Bill Harford, who is shocked when his wife, Alice, reveals that she had contemplated an affair a year earlier. He embarks on a night-long adventure, during which he infiltrates a massive masked orgy of an unnamed secret society.

Weird masks, some similar to the one up for bidding, play a prominent role in several scenes in the film depicting strange erotic rituals performed by the society members.

Approximately 10″ high and 8″ wide.

Great, weird, occult collector piece with an amazing story.



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