Bead Work Crochet Snake Whip, Pre-WW II, Macedonean Village Style SOLD


Pre-WW II, Macedonean Village Bead Work Crochet Snake Whip used as part of a line dance or as an engagement present from a girl to her fiance.

This beautiful “reptile” is exceptionally long, 44 inches (111.8 centimeters).  It features a line of oval bead medallions down its length against a blue bead background with a yellow bead strip along its belly.  It has a long 6 inch (15.2 centimeters) golden bead tail.  The mouths is open.

It has a beaded crochet security strap from the mouth that can be worn around the wrist when the snake was held by the head during a line dance.

This rare example of Crochet Bead Work is in excellent shape and original condition with no signs of repair.  Again it is exceptionally long.


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