Antique Allgonquin/Iroquois False Face Husk Mask SOLD


Region / Tribe: Northeastern Woodlands, Canada and N.Y.S. / Iroquois

Circa: Early 20th C.

Material: Braided corn husk, cotton string

Dimension: H. 18 1/2” x W. 16”

Condition: Excellent, no restoration

Collection History: Private collection, N.Y.S., Carole Levine collection

Comments: Tightly woven

References: The False Faces of the Iroquois, William N. Fenton.

See “Mask Types”, Part I … The Husk Faces or Bushy Heads, p. 54 and Index, p. 519, extensive references to corn husk masks

Masks of the Corn Husk Society type are crafted exclusively by women and reserved for their use. Such masks are used during fertility rites and also as a healing aide. Made from corn husks, they may bear many different facial expressions. Husk faces are vegetation spirits who acted as healers of illness. They also drove away evil, disease and misfortune. The corn husk mask symbolizes white corn, a symbol of life and a gift from the Iroquois supernatural known as Grandfather Hatowi. This is authentic tribal used and not one of the miniature masks that have been made for the tourist trade.

This one has the rare crooked nose and tongue hanging out. Great look!!

These masks sell for thousands of dollars, so Buy It Now for a great bargain on tribal art.



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