Robot Sculpture by the famed Gordon Bennett of the Bennett Robot Works SOLD

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This is a Robot Sculpture by the famed Gordon Bennett of the Bennett Robot Works.

Unlike most of the found object robots offered on eBay (which for the most part have vintage tin cans as the bodies and are quite small) Bennett’s robot sculptures features RARE objects from the Industrial Age and are large.

This robot, named Rockwell, by the sculptor, is 19 1/2″ high and features an amazing antique pressure guage as a head, 1940s era Ray-O-Vac bullett flashlights (which are collectible themselves) as a jet pack or oxygen tanks (a really cool feature) and a RARE industrial telephone call box as the body complete with an original attached earphone that becomes a decorative feature on the robot, perhaps a knapsack.

The robot shows some wear as you would expect on such objects assembled in the sculpture and are part of the ambiance of the piece.  Otherwise it is in excellent condition.
Currently Bennett robot sculptures sell for up to $7,000 dollars and are highly collectible.  We have never seen one offered on eBay before.  Their owners love them.  We acquired this in an estate sale and are offering it to someone who truly adores robots, robot sculpture, the Industrial Age, of the assembled objects themselves.

If you desire a robot sculpture, this is the one to have.  This is one of the early BRW robots (numbered 0014) and will only appreciate in value as time goes on.  And it is unique, one-of-a-kind, and beautiful.


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