Lot of 24 Vintage Diecast Toy Cars with 2 collectors cases.

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Lot of 24 Vintage Lesney, Hot Wheels, Kenner, Tomica, Zylnex, Lock Ups & Matchbox toy cars  with 2 collectors carrying cases.

Cars are loose; no boxes but in the cases.  From left to right in the picture:

1.  LESNEY –   I:56. 1983 Corvette. 1983.  Gray.  Matchbox toys Ltd.  Good condition.  Some wear on edges.
2.  LESNEY –    No. 13. Snorkel Fire Engine.  Made in England. 1977. Red.  Lesney Products & Co. Ltd.  Good condition.  Missing ladder.
3.  LESNEY –    No. 55. Ford Cortina. Made in England. 1979. Gray.  Lesney Products & Co. Ltd. Good condition.  Some paint loss spots.
4.  LESNEY –     No. 1 Dodge Challenger. Lesney Products & Co. Ltd.  1975. Red & White.  Made in England.  Very Good condition.
5.  LESNEY –     No. 53. Jeep CJ6.  Made in England. 1977. Red & Tan.  Lesney Products & Co. Ltd.  Good condition.  Minor paint loss spots.
6.  LESNEY –    No. 6 Ford Escort 892009.  Made in England. 1979. White.  Lesney Products & Co. Ltd.  Good condition. Some minor loss of label edges.
7.  LESNEY –    No. 54. Mobile Home. 1980.  White.   Lesney. England.  Good condition. Some paint loss spots.
8   LESNEY –   No. 14. Mini-Ha-Ha.  Made in England.  1975.  Red.  Lesney Products & Co. Ltd.  Very Good condition.
9   LESNEY –   NO. 34. Chevy Pro Stocker..1980.  White.  Made in England. Lesney Products & Co.  Ltd.   Good condition.  Some scratches
10.  KENNER PRODUCTS – The Dreamer.  1981. Black.  Made in Hong Kong.  Great condition.
11.  HOT WHEELS – Baha Breaker.  1977.  Green.  Made in Hong Kong.  Great condition.
12.  HOT WHEELS – Dixie Challenger, 426 Hemi.   1970.  Orange.  Made in Hong Kong.  Great condition. We have seen this one sell for $50.00.
13.  HOT WHEELS – CRAGER.  1974.  Black.  Made in Hong Kong.  Very minor wear on edges.  Good condition.
14.  HOT WHEELS – Chevrolet Corvette.  1979.  Gray.  Made in Hong Kong.  Great coniditon.
15.  TOMICA – Ford Continental Mark IV, No. F4, 1976 TOMY.  Blue.  Great condition.
16.  HOT WHEELS – Hare Splitter, Monte Carlo Rally.  1978.  Blue & White.  Made in Hong Kong.  Hood lifts up.  Great condition.
17.  ZYLNEX – P356 55 T-Bird.  Year unknown.  Red.  Made in Hong Kong.  Missing part of front grill, otherwise in great condition.
18.  KENNER PRODUCTS – Pipe Dreamer.  1981.  Red.  Made in Macao.  Great condition.
19.  HOT WHEELS – Racebait 308.  1977.  Red.  Made in Hong Kong.  Great condition.
20.  HOT WHEELS – Hot Bird.  1977.  Black.  Made in Hong Kong.  Minor wear on edges otherwise in great condition.
21.  LOCK UPS, KIDCO, INC. – Camero.  1982.  Metallic Gray.   Made in Macao.  Great condition.
22.  MATCHBOX – Audi Quartro Sport.  1982.  White.  Made in Macao.  Minor wear.  Good condition.
23.  TOMICA – Chevrolet Corvette.  1977 TOMY.  Yellow & Red.  Made in Japan.  Minor wear.  Good condition.
24.  MATCHBOX – Mazda RX7.  1979.  Lesney Prod. & Co.  Black & Gold.  Made in Hong Kong.  Great condition.

Also 2 cases.

First one is a Matchbook carrying case.   978 Lesney Products   Holds 24 Cars  *10″ L x 12 3/4″ W  Condition: Previously owned;  Plastic has signs of dirt and warps in shape and stress in plastic. Minor 1/4″ tear near handle opening.  Otherwise in great condition.  We do not believe there are any missing parts/components.

Second is a Mattel Hot Wheels Case that holds 24 cars.  Previously owned.  1975.  Made in Hawthorne, California.  Some marks on case otherwise in perfect condition.  10″ x 7″ x 3 1/4″.  With plastic inserts for holding 24 cars.

Sold As Is, Where Is. No Refunds.  No Partial Refunds.


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