Collection of 5 Antique Chinese Bamboo & Wood Double Happiness Money Wedding Baskets – 4 SOLD

This listing is for Five (5) beautiful original antique one of a kind Chinese Wedding Baskets .

The baskets are bamboo and wood, handmade, and beautifully carved. These are great for storage of those special or sentimental items, or don’t store anything but just appreciate the beauty.

These are lovely antique chinese wedding baskets made of  Bamboo,  Wood and Lacquer and are hand decorated.   They are from 1890 to 1910.  They possibly could be even older.  They were in the possession of the family we received them from for over 40 years where they were protected.

They covers feature both human figures and geometric designs, and the sides feature beautifully designed panels with flora, fauna, and oriental figures.  The top handles are beautifully made of brass hardware and they means money in old China .  The top of the baskets show designs that mean double happiness for a wedding, and each of the side designs just increase the happiness.

If you are looking for a breath-taking one of a kind collection of antiques for that special couple getting married, no need to look any further as THIS IS  IT !!!

What could be a better wedding wish than double happiness and money !!!!!

And here you can get a collection of FIVE of these wonderful baskets.  As you can see elsewhere here on eBay, just one antique Chinese wedding basket can sell for the starting price here for the entire collection.  We are asking $525 for the entire collection.  This is a bargain.

These unique antique baskets are the perfect embellishment for your home, offering both practical storage and a stylish Asian flare. Originally used to carry special wedding gifts,

The pieces have compartments and would make charming storage boxs or picnic baskets.

From left to right in the first photo:

1)     10 ½” (bottom to top of handle) x 9 ½” wide featuring a floral pattern and is signed on the inside of the cover – SOLD;

2)     12” x 11” painted orange and featuring gilded designs including a Manchurian on the cover and floral designs – AVAILABLE – $125;

3)     10” x 11” featuring a floral design on dark brown background – SOLD;

4)     16” x 10” featuring a child with a rabbit on the cover with birds and flowers on the sides.  This one has three stacking containers including the lid – SOLD; and

5)     18” x 12” and is hand carved wood in red on brown – SOLD.

Some wear as you would expect from objects that are this old. Photos show the condition.  They are in good condition but there is some missing lacquer paint on the handles which we would just leave or you can paint.  There are some minor cracks on the inside bottoms of the wood due to the drying of the wood.  But they all remain functionally intact and look wonderful.  There is some wear to the exterior of the pieces, commensurate with age and minimal use.


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