Modern Country Dining Room Maple Side Furniture – SOLD

This high end, solid maple Modern Country dining room furniture set includes a side chest of drawers with cabinet space and it includes a smaller table with drawers and a shelf unit that can be placed on the side cabinet or it can stand alone.  We believe the set was made sometime from the 30s to the 50s when the Empire Furniture Co. manufactured high end  solid wood furniture in Tennessee.  We believe this well constructed furniture could go well with almost any décor.   This sideboard cabinet has 1 large top drawer, and 3 middle drawers; the top one lined with green felt and divided into three compartments.  On either side are swing opening cabinet drawers featuring sculpted recessed panels which open to reveal ample storage space.  The smaller table/chest features 1 wide drawer and 2 swing-open doors revealing ample storage space.   Both pieces have traditional bronze pulls and fixtures which have a lovely patina showing the age of the pieces.  The shelf unit has 2 large shelves plus the top for storage.

The dimensions for the sideboard cabinet piece are 53”W x 33 ½”H x 18 ½”D.  The smaller table/chest’s dimensions are 34”W x 30”H x 16”D.  The shelf is 53”W x 38”H x 14”D.   The set is in great condition.   The tops of the pieces could use some refinishing as there is some sign of loss of patina in a few spots under an old refinishing.  A professional staining should even out the finish on these old solid maple pieces.   You can refinish them or paint to your liking or leave them alone.  The set is beautiful.  Otherwise the three pieces only show honest ware for furniture of this age.  No significant marks, gouges or scratches.  This is used furniture, sold as is.  No refunds.  No partial refunds.


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