Dinky Toys 23m Thunderbolt Speed Car Diecast Model – SOLD

Dinky Toy model of Captain G.E.T. Eyston’s land speed record breaking car,  THUNDERBOLT for restoration project.

In November 1937 Captain G.E.T. Eyston, in his specially designed car “Thunderbolt”, set up a world land-speed record of 312.20 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, U.S.A. This was 11 mph above the previous record, set up in 1935 by Sir Malcolm Campbell in his “Bluebird”.

Captain Eyston’s car has two supercharged Rolls-Royce aero engines developing 4,500 bhp, and is fitted with a special streamlined body of aluminium alloy. It is 30ft 5in long, and its total weight is seven tons.

Length of the real car (according to Meccano): 30’ 5”.

1 ft = 30.48 cm, 30 ft = 914.4 cm
1 in = 2.54 cm, 5 inch = 12.7 cm
Addition: 927.1 cm.

Model lenght (according to Meccano): 127 mm.
So: 127 mm = 9271 mm, which gives a scale of 127:9271 = 1:73.

Originally silver with red.

The model was made around 1938 to 1941. This is rather interesting because I don’t think many Dinky toys were produced during the second world war – perhaps it was considered a patriotic item. The model originally had union jack flags on the tail fin. This example is in rather poor condition having lost much of the original silver plate, but it is a hard model to find.  Black tires and wheels, two left side tires missing. Replacement tires are available online.

There are two very good web sites giving much more information on George Eyston and Thunderbolt:



As well as good information there are some excellent images

This is a rare Dinky toy and although in not great condition would make a great restoration project.  Best offer.

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