Baldwin Fun Machine Electronic Organ/Synthesizer- SOLD

Model 155, serial #F 6670-8.  This is an early one.

It’s an hybrid organ combined with a synthesizer…it’s a “fun machine”…an obscure and very exotic piece of keyboard history.

All wood case and large keyboard with round buttons and Hammond B3 style organ keys. This organ mixes both beats and sounds as well as mixing and creating auto accompaniment chord sounds when you press the many round buttons.

With the knobs you can choose/program some presets and put an ASR (Attack Sustain Release) envelope or an autowah effect over it.  On the left side there is a little bass keyboard which plays bass-riffs and on the right you can play the fully polyphonic organ/preset synth part. The drumbox has some nice analog rhythm box patterns.

It’s got lots of blue lights and a big built in speaker for a warm wooly sound.

Needs some refinishing on the top and one key is broken.  Key can be ordered at

All keys, knobs, pedals work.

Manuals are available from several sources online.

As is $200

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