Gilt Cloisonné Bird Boxes on Rosewood Stands, 1940s — SOLD

Probably Imperial Cloisonné.  Small & Exquisite Gilt Cloisonné Bird Boxes on Rosewood Stands

How wonderful and priceless!!  This is two small cloisonné bird boxes with the hand-carved stands!!  These old Bird Boxes are fabulously heavy with real gold gilt on the inside of box, under tail, beak and bottom!! The quality of the workmanship leads me to believe these are late Imperial Cloisonné works.  They appear to be a precious Mastery of old Imperial cloisonné craftsmanship!! Bird boxes made by Imperial Cloisonné were exclusively for the elite European market. The highest of quality!! These are not cheap pieces of cloisonné. The bodies of the bird boxes are heavy bronze under the deep enamel cloisonné with extremely detailed close, fine, and perfect cloisons. The defined artwork, rich colors, materials, and the old process are characteristics of the Imperial Cloisonné.  If they are, and I am no expert, then each item was individually made and no two were alike.

The secrets of color and application, the Master’s artisans, and the finest materials belonged exclusively to the Imperial. The masters of Imperial Cloisonné produced the finest detailed and skilled cloisonné. Imperial Cloisonné is no longer made in China. Lesser quality items are being made with modern technology for inexpensive export, and antique copies to meet the American craze for replicas. For the connoisseurs who know Chinese Art, you will know these are not replicas and are of the highest quality.  These Bird Boxes were purchased in the 1970s and have been on a shelf ever since till I just acquired them. The Bird boxes have never been used and are in mint condition. The small boxes have a multi colored design/pattern one predominantly green enamel, the other predominantly blue.  Details are outlined in gold. Top comes off and small items such as your favorite rings could be placed inside. The conditions of these bird boxes are excellent.  I am available by email for any questions. They measure 2-3/4″ long by 1-2/4″ high.  The hand carved rosewood scrolled stands measure 2-3/4″ long by 9/16” high.  This is truly a precious part of the past.  Seller will pay packing and pack with extreme care.


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